Using get_posts method in WordPress

Using get_posts method in WordPress

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In previous article we read query_posts() , so get_posts( ) is an alternative of the query_posts(), it retrieves raw post data when called the get_posts() function or method. In […]

Using query_posts( ) in the WordPress

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Tremendous amount of customization of wordpress loop can be done by specifying the adequate set of parameters for your Loop. The WP_Query object is the most  general-purpose mechanism for […]

Adding Paging to a Loop in WordPress

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If you have requirements of pagination in your blog, then you will need to take a few extra steps for the pagination. The global variable $wp_query is designed for […]

Category, Tag, and Author Parameters in WordPress

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Categories all the posts in WordPress and Posts can also be sorted by the category into which they were placed, by tags applied to the post, or by the […]

How to Setting Up Your POP or IMAP Email Address with Mozilla Thunderbird

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To Set Up Your E-mail Account in Mozilla Thunderbird see this tutorial step by step.

1) First go to the Tools menu then select Account Settings as see in below […]

Building a Custom Query in WordPress

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The Parameters in the function or method are used to define that what type of content will be returned in your Loop, it is a custom Loop or altering […]

Customizing the loop in WordPress

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Opening discussion of Loop flow of control mentioned that the main workhorse for data selection is the get_posts() method of the WP_Query object. In the most cases, when you […]

Template Tags in Wordperss

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To display Loop content in your WordPress theme used a PHP function and this is called template tags. To display specific pieces of data about your website and content […]

From Query Parameters to SQL in WordPress

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When the query parameters have been established in the wordpress, it is either by separate the URL provided by the reader or by having them explicitly set in a […]

eCommerce Website vs. Offline Business

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Majority of the businesses are putting effort to come online. The main reason of this is to get more sales from those customers who never know that you exist […]