Difference in the GET and POST method?

Difference in the GET and POST method?

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The GET and POST methods work almost identically. The main difference is the method of transmitting information to the server. Many web developers uses POST method to […]

Working with Dreamweaver Design view and Code view

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Design view:

The design view is a design environment for editing website designs. In this view, Dreamweaver displays an editable and visual representation of the document and it is similar […]

Using hidden field in PHP language

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A hidden field is similar to a text field. The hidden field in a form are embedded in the HTML source code of the form. The difference is that […]

Static variable in PHP language

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A static variable is similar to a local variable. The only difference is that the static variable retains its value even after the function terminates. When a function terminates, […]

How to write FIELDSET element

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HTML allows web designers to create structure in a form. The FIELDSET element allows web designers to access the related content and sub controls with a structure. With the […]

How to sort data in a table

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Sorting Data


If there is a table of employees records that needs to be sorted out alphabetically or in ascending or descending order, then use the sort table option of […]

How to use variable and Expression in PHP

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What are Variables?

Variable is used to store data that keeps on changing during the execution of a program. There are different types of data can be store in a […]

How to use Basic HTML data type

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HTML data types determines the type of the value assigned to attributes and content type to be specified within HTML elements. Many web development company use these data types. […]

How to make Nested switch case in java

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The switch case statement also use instead of if-else statement. Website development company use switch case statement result in better performance. It can also use as a part of […]

How to use Href and CSS tag in HTML

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Now a days website developers and website design company is moving fast – really fast so you have to learn all HTML and all HTML5 updated tags. if you’re […]