What is PEAR Framework?

What is PEAR Framework?

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PEAR is a framework on which developers develop PHP projects. Stig Bakken first introduce PEAR project. He wanted to create something like Perl’s CPAN (a massive repository of re-usable […]

MVC (Model-View-Controller)

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In this article, we will learn and understand about MVC Model-View-Controller.

Model View Controller: MVC is basically a software architecture, which separates logic from the user interface. Simply separating the […]

C-sharp code for the UI design elements

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With the help of Visual Studio, developers were able to drag and drop UI elements in their designer. Visual Studio  auto generate C#(sharp) or VB.NET code for the UI […]

What is Java Virtual Machine?

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It is necessary for the programmer to understand the Java Virtual Machine (JVM) and how it works. This will help them to take advantage of JVM and avoid its […]