A course for web designers

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Training Dragon at Kirby Street, EC1N Camden is teaching a web design course that is for beginners who needs to practice on a professional project. In this course the participants will be able to learn basic knowledge of HTML, CSS, client side scripting language JavaScript and the use of web pages editor software such as Dreamweaver. By the end of this course the participants will be given a project to practice the web development phases that is to plan, create structure and code a website, dealing with the domain name and hosting, and uploading files to your hosting.

Course outline

Introduction to the internet, HTML, CSS, scripting language JavaScript and Dreamweaver and all the popular browsers such as Google Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari and Opera. Learn HTML web page structure, HTML tags and attributes of tags, HTML meta tags, the importance of tags and its attributes in improving SEO.

Entry requirements

This course is for beginners who have no web design knowledge, this course is also for fresh web designers to get practice on a project, it is also for business owners who want to have more control on their website. A basic knowledge of using Windows or Mac operating systems with basic text editing skills such as copy, cut, paste, save etc.

Number of days and time:
This is a 4 days course from 10:00am to 17:00pm

This course is held at multiple dates:
04 Jul 2016
23 Jul 2016
01 Aug 2016
05 Sep 2016
03 Oct 2016
07 Nov 2016

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