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Faisal Arif

Creating a Widget in WordPress by Web Design London

In WordPress the Widgets are a common feature and it included in many WordPress plugins. If you give functionality in your plugin to creating a widget, you can easily give users a way to add your plugin information to other widget zed areas or their sidebar. For understanding the widgets that how to work it’s helpful to […]

Create Shortcodes in WordPress by Web Design London

In the Plugins shorcode mostly used and these are very easy to use to the user point of view. User can easily embed the plugin different functionality using simple shortcode. The WordPress features a Shortcode API. The Shortcodes are basically text macro codes that can be inserted into a page, post, or custom post type […]

Creating a Meta Box in WordPress by Web Design Agency London

There are many WordPress features that help to user can interact easily one them, multiple meta boxes on the Add New Page and Post screens. The purpose of these meta boxes are used for adding additional information to your pages, posts, and the content. In WordPress meta boxes can be created easily in a plugin using […]

Creating an Options Page in WordPress by Website Design London

The Settings API introduced the WordPress 2.7 version, this Setting API will be using for all of the option methods you use in this section. By the API you can make saving options in WordPress easy and secure so this is very powerful set of functions. The security checks also handled by this API so […]

In WordPress adding to an Existing Menu of Plugin by Web Design London

In this article you will learn how to add a submenu item to an existing menu in WordPress. In WordPress mostly plugins have only one option page so they don’t require an entirely separate the top-level menu. For accomplish this, in WordPress add a plugin option page to any existing menu. You can add a […]

Retrieving Metadata in WordPress by Web Design Company London

In the previous articles we have read that how to add, update, and delete metadata in WordPress, In this article you will review how to retrieve and display metadata. For retrieve and display the post metadata WordPress makes it easy. To display the custom metadata a good place of code that use it within the […]

Creating a Menu and Submenus for plugin in WordPress

For your plugin there are two different ways to create a custom menu in WordPress. For creating the menu the first thing you’ll decide to where is locate your options page of plugin. Link of the options page link can be set in its own top-level menu like in (My Plugin Settings), it can be […]

Creating the Plugin Header in WordPress by Website Design London

For all WordPress plugin every plugin has requirements a valid plugin header. Header of the plugin must be defined at the very top of your main PHP file as a PHP comment. So for your plugin it does not need to exist in every file, it should only in the main PHP file.This header tells WordPress […]

Plugin License for WordPress Plugin by Website Design London

After developed a plugin you plan on releasing to the public your plugin, the software license also include that the plugin is released under just below your plugin header. Remember that this is not a requirement for the plugin to function that it use for perform any functionality, This is to clearly state what software […]

In WordPress Data Validation and Sanitization

In the WordPress or any program you are developing you should to verify and filtered the user inputs and data that are coming external code. For plugin security the data validation is the most important part. If any there is no validation or improperly validated the data it can be lead to SQL injection hacks, […]