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Difference in the GET and POST method?

GET and POST: The GET and POST methods work almost identically. The main difference is the method of transmitting information to the server. Many web developers uses POST method to secure their data from hackers. Using the POST method: The post method directs the web browser to send all the user information to the processing […]

Working with Dreamweaver Design view and Code view

Design view: The design view is a design environment for editing website designs. In this view, Dreamweaver displays an editable and visual representation of the document and it is similar as viewing on web browser. To switch to design view, select view and then Design or click the design button from the document toolbar. It […]

Using hidden field in PHP language

A hidden field is similar to a text field. The hidden field in a form are embedded in the HTML source code of the form. The difference is that the user cannot view the hidden field and its content. A hidden field enables the web developer to pass variables with values from one form to another […]

Static variable in PHP language

A static variable is similar to a local variable. The only difference is that the static variable retains its value even after the function terminates. When a function terminates, the local variable of that function lose their values. To retain the value of the variable through the execution of the program, use the static keyword […]

How to write FIELDSET element

HTML allows web designers to create structure in a form. The FIELDSET element allows web designers to access the related content and sub controls with a structure. With the help of this a web designer can divide the form into multiple sub-parts while working with many form controls. The FIELDSET element is helpful for user […]

How to sort data in a table

Sorting Data   If there is a table of employees records that needs to be sorted out alphabetically or in ascending or descending order, then use the sort table option of Dreamweaver   Step by step instruction to sort a table:   Select command Sort Table. (Then the sort table dialogue box appear.)   Sort […]

How to use variable and Expression in PHP

What are Variables? Variable is used to store data that keeps on changing during the execution of a program. There are different types of data can be store in a program by web developer. What are Expressions? Expression is a combination of variables, constant, functions and operators. Variables and its data types… A variable is […]

How to use Basic HTML data type

HTML data types determines the type of the value assigned to attributes and content type to be specified within HTML elements. Many web development company use these data types. These datatypes are specified within each element in HTML4.01 specification. The different data types are:   Character Encodings Character encoding is a technique of converting a […]

How to make Nested switch case in java

The switch case statement also use instead of if-else statement. Website development company use switch case statement result in better performance. It can also use as a part of another statement. This switch is called a nested switch.   Switch (days) { Case 0: Switch (target) { Case 1: System.out.printIn( “ target is 1 to […]

How to use Href and CSS tag in HTML

Now a days website developers and website design company is moving fast – really fast so you have to learn all HTML and all HTML5 updated tags. if you’re new so you have to learn from the very beginning and first learn how to attach CSS file which is the styling of your HTML structure […]