How Can You Testing Your Home Page

You should currently check your home page during a application program. Though Dreamweaver will a decent job of showing you what your page sounds like, it’s not very an internet browser however an internet editor. There area unit some things that you simply cannot properly sign on Associate in Nursing editor.
To test your home page, kind your internetsite’s address (“URL”) into your web browser’s address bar. (Note: do not use Google, Bing, Yahoo or another program to try and do this. kind it directly into the address bar of your application program.) for instance, if your name is “”, kind “”. don’t append “index.html” to your address. If you’ve got set things up properly, you must be ready to read your home page in your browser, despite the fact that you did not specify “index.html”.
If you get a “404 File Not Found” error rather than the net page you designed, otherwise you get your internet host’s preinstalled default page, you will have entered the incorrect directory name into the “Root Directory” field i discussed earlier. return and fix the error. That is, click the “Site | Manage Sites…” menu item, click the “Edit…” button, click the “Servers” line within the left column, click the name of your server within the list box on the correct aspect to pick out it, and click on the pencil icon below the list box. you’ll then modification your Root Directory to the proper location. once you have finished, take care the press the “Save” button in each that panel still because the “Site Setp” panel, and at last click the “Done” button within the “Manage Sites” window. Website Designers London

If you get a “No DNS for World Wide” or “Domain not found” error, you will be facing the domain propagation issue i discussed earlier (where a website is therefore new that it’s still not nevertheless recognised by your net broadband or dialup provider). Another chance is that you are employing a internet host that has not originated the “www” subdomain for you, and you typewritten in “” into your browser. Not all internet hosts do that mechanically for you. If this is often the case, attempt typewriting your uniform resource locator while not the “www” prefix, for instance kind “” into your browse.

If you get no errors the least bit, however see the page that you simply designed earlier, congratulations! you’ve got created and revealed your initial online page victimisation Dreamweaver CS5.5. it should be a raw and unfinished page (for now), however you’ve got with success walked through all the essential steps of coming up with and uploading an internet page of Website Design London