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Tool for Component Administration in WordPress

Let think about the requirements of wordpress what is required and what we need if we want to developed in wordpress cms, every web design agency London first fulfills its requirements then they work on it and they are delivering very good solutions for his clients. Everyone knows that WordPress is a web application. So […]

Benefits of working Locally in WordPress

The best practice of wordpress site should build the site locally and this is considered as a best practice. Usually, you never want to be actively developing on a live production website because the visitors could accessing the site at any time and this create disturbance for you and your visitors also because development involves […]

Inside wp-content directory in wordpress

In wordpress root directory then wp-content directory this directory stores just about every file for customizing or changes WordPress CMS. So In this directory stores your themes, plugins, and additional files to extend WordPress in any way imaginable or extend the wordpress functionality. In wp-content directory ro folder has only a single PHP file which […]

The .maintenance File tutorial of WordPress

The WordPress CMS has a built-in maintenance mode for web design agencies London or web developer of the wordpress that can be enabled by the .maintenance file. The.maintenance file is used by WordPress CMS during the auto-update process of wordpress. So the prevents visitors of site from seeing any error messages as WordPress CMS core […]

.htaccess file tutorial of wordpress

If you want to creating pretty permalinks and keyword injected URLs for your website then .htaccess file is used for this purpose. By default WordPress creates ugly query-string formed URLs and this is not good for web agencies, usually with an ID present or page number present, such as So these URLs are completely […]

WordPress Configuration

The WordPress features has specific files that can be edited for different purposes of uses. These files can be alter of the WordPress functions, that can be change as per requirement. The test changes always are done in a development environment before publishing to the main server or code running in real time. This section […]

Directory and File Structuer in WordPress CMS

The source code features of WordPress has many different PHP core, CSS code, and JavaScript files. Every file serves a use for a specific purpose in WordPress CMS. The best thing of open source software is that all code is publicly available for web design agencies or web developer, that means you can easily explore […]

Download Locations of WordPress

The latest version of WordPress for web design you can download directly from this is the link of wordpress CMS. The wordpress also give the facility for update WordPress CMS for web design directly from your current version of WordPress installation after visiting the under the Dashboard you can Updates WordPress section by […]

First-Time Administration in wordpress cms

When you have completed the installation of WordPress CMS, continue to log in with the credentials you set up in previous article you’ll see the basic WordPress Dashboard captured in below figure Figure. If you’re not redirected to the Dashboard or admin panel through the Log In button, or if you happen to visit your […]

Install WordPress CMS Manually

It is famous, remarkable, fabulous five-minute WordPress installation is a certainty when everything is configured and correspond correctly. This article tells you through the steps that are frequently hidden from view when you use a packaged installs with wordpress web design, and highlights some of the common misfires between MySQL instances and WordPress CMS. The […]
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