Email configuration


Email configuration

Configure email using Samsung Galaxy

Configuring email account on your mobile phone makes your life easy to access and reply to all your emails without the use of a computer. The following steps will help you configure your email account using Samsung Galaxy S series mobile phones. Automatic setup: Tap Apps, Tap Email, Enter email address (if you are adding a second account […]

How to Setting Up Your POP or IMAP Email Address with Mozilla Thunderbird

To Set Up Your E-mail Account in Mozilla Thunderbird see this tutorial step by step. 1) First go to the Tools menu then select Account Settings as see in below image.   2) After click Account Setting then you see screen like that. 3) Click on Account Actions then Add Emial Account you can see […]

How to Set Up POP / IMAP Email on Iphone

Follow these steps to add an email account on your iOS device. 1) Tape setting. 2) Scroll down and tap Mail, Contacts, Calendar: 3) Tap Add Mail Account: 4) Select “Other” from the email providers list 5) Fill out the required information Name: Just name your account however you want Email: Your liveBooks email address […]

How to Set Up POP/IMAP Email on Samsung Galaxy S4

1)  POP and IMAP Email Setup Setting Accounts    Add account    Email   2) Enter your Email address and Password. If this is not the first email account you are setting up on your device, you can mark Send email from this account by default to set this as the default email account, and then […]

How to add another email account to existing Microsoft Outlook

1) In the header menu click ‘Tools‘, then click ‘Accounts Settings‘ 2) Click ‘New‘ 3) Enter your name e.g John 4) Enter your E-mail Address: e.g 5) Enter ‘Password’ and ‘Retype Password’ 6) Click ‘Next’ button 7) After E-mail configuration Click ‘Finish’ button   

Setting Up Your POP or IMAP Email Address in Microsoft Outlook

This Microsoft Outlook Configuration Tutorial is a step-by-step guide on how to configure your Microsoft Outlook email client in order to make it work with your web-based email account. This is start up message Outlook 2007. 1) Clikc  on ‘Next’ button. 2)  For configure the E-mail account select ‘yes’ then click on ‘Next’. 3) Enter […]