Form Handling in PHP language

PHP is a powerful language for making dynamic and interactive websites. In this exercise we will use HTML and PHP languages to build a form for a website which will get input data from our form and POST it on another page by submitting it. In PHP there are two superglobals $_POST and $_GET which […]

What is PEAR Framework?

PEAR is a framework on which developers develop PHP projects. Stig Bakken first introduce PEAR project. He wanted to create something like Perl’s CPAN (a massive repository of re-usable Perl solutions) for PHP. Working on PEAR project began in November, 1999, with the beginnings of what is probably PEAR’s widely used package, (PEAR::DB). A small […]

MVC (Model-View-Controller)

In this article, we will learn and understand about MVC Model-View-Controller. Model View Controller: MVC is basically a software architecture, which separates logic from the user interface. Simply separating the application into three parts Model, View and Controller. MVC is separation of concern. MVC is also a web design pattern. Model: It represents the logical […]

C-sharp code for the UI design elements

With the help of Visual Studio, developers were able to drag and drop UI elements in their designer. Visual Studio  auto generate C#(sharp) or VB.NET code for the UI design elements. This code is termed as “Back-end Code” or “Code Behind”. with the help of this  code developers can go and write logic to manipulate […]

What is Java Virtual Machine?

It is necessary for the programmer to understand the Java Virtual Machine (JVM) and how it works. This will help them to take advantage of JVM and avoid its weakness. The virtual machine is a software concept based on the idea of an imaginary computer. It has a logical set of instructions. These instructions define […]

Why You Should Design for Open Source

Most of the web designers don’t like doing nothing. We are really against this and we don’t recommend to always do projects that are being paid. That’s what the web designer should do as a professional designer in the programming sector to provide web design service. It depends on the skill level of a website […]

Types of operators in JavaScript

Operators Real life scenario involves the manipulation of a variable. Operators combine simple values or expressions into complex new expression that returns values. This involves performing logical, arithmetic, relational and comparison operations on the expression. Through these operators web developers can create different functions as well. Types of operators Java provides several categories of operators. […]

ASP.NET MVC Tutorial

Introduction This article is intended to give basic concept of ASP.NET MVC (Model-View-Controller) for beginner’s architecture workflow. MVC stands for Model-View-Controller. ASP.NET MVC is a platform to develop web applications in a different manner than ASP.NET web development. Applications developed with ASP.NET MVC are even more SEO (Search Engine Optimization) friendly. ASP.NET MVC application requires […]

JavaScript Google Map

Here we code to show location Navigation, location directions steps and add function to add autocomplete place field. Make some variables to store values of different functions as I create location 1 and 2 to get location data in it. Take address1 and 2 variable to store values from user. Take variable latlng to store […]

Difference in the GET and POST method?

GET and POST: The GET and POST methods work almost identically. The main difference is the method of transmitting information to the server. Many web developers uses POST method to secure their data from hackers. Using the POST method: The post method directs the web browser to send all the user information to the processing […]