WordPress design


WordPress design

Custom Post Types in WordPress

Usually people falsely label WordPress as just a simple blogging CMS. Since its foundation, WordPress has developed into a vast robust Content Management System that grant end-users to build any design in mind. Modern attributes like: custom menus, custom widgets, custom post types, and custom post formats all give permission to users to design and […]

Creating WordPress Navigation Menu

Understandable and extensive navigation is essential for any website. It is very easy to create menus in WordPress that help website users to obtain what they need. Menu elements are not limited to pages; practically any item in WordPress – posts, categories, authors, tags, and more – can be added to the menu. Using CSS […]

WordPress training in High Holborn, London

Pitman Qualifications is going to teach an existing training course on the 22nd June 2016 that allows the participants to get knowledge and develop skills to create a professional website for their[...]

How to add Date Picker in WordPress

How to install third party plugin in your WordPress site. Today I’m going to tell you how to add date and time picker in your WordPress site. In this tutorial you can learn adding field in WordPress using jQuery UI through which you can create date picker. When adding fields in the WordPress admin area […]

How to add new user in wordpress using simple 8 steps.

If you’re new in WordPress so you are at the right place where you can easily add new user to your WordPress site by using these simple 8 steps by web agency london. It will surely help you to expand your content by adding people in your blogs, you can also give them different access […]

Creating a Widget in WordPress by Web Design London

In WordPress the Widgets are a common feature and it included in many WordPress plugins. If you give functionality in your plugin to creating a widget, you can easily give users a way to add your plugin information to other widget zed areas or their sidebar. For understanding the widgets that how to work it’s helpful to […]

Create Shortcodes in WordPress by Web Design London

In the Plugins shorcode mostly used and these are very easy to use to the user point of view. User can easily embed the plugin different functionality using simple shortcode. The WordPress features a Shortcode API. The Shortcodes are basically text macro codes that can be inserted into a page, post, or custom post type […]

Creating a Meta Box in WordPress by Web Design Agency London

There are many WordPress features that help to user can interact easily one them, multiple meta boxes on the Add New Page and Post screens. The purpose of these meta boxes are used for adding additional information to your pages, posts, and the content. In WordPress meta boxes can be created easily in a plugin using […]

Creating an Options Page in WordPress by Website Design London

The Settings API introduced the WordPress 2.7 version, this Setting API will be using for all of the option methods you use in this section. By the API you can make saving options in WordPress easy and secure so this is very powerful set of functions. The security checks also handled by this API so […]

In WordPress adding to an Existing Menu of Plugin by Web Design London

In this article you will learn how to add a submenu item to an existing menu in WordPress. In WordPress mostly plugins have only one option page so they don’t require an entirely separate the top-level menu. For accomplish this, in WordPress add a plugin option page to any existing menu. You can add a […]