Create a Two Column Page with Dreamweaver

If you were to rigorously observe the Website Design London that you just visit, you may notice that some websites have all their content ordered go into one column. as an example, you will find such a layout on the Feedback type Demo website} (a site you may in all probability visit once more in chapter eight of this tutorial). an outsized variety of web sites, however, gift their content in two columns. you wish look no additional than this terribly page you are reading: the left column holds things like emblem at the terribly prime, followed by a look field and a navigation menu (the half that appears sort of a series of buttons ordered out vertically). the proper column holds the text of this text, that is, the most content of the page. sites may have quite two columns; as an Example, my web site Map uses a 4 column layout. Eg Web Design London Blue in color
Website Design London Red in color
Web Design agency London Grey in color
Web Designers London Black in color


if you are reading this chapter from a contemporary smartphone, you will not be ready to see 2 columns on this page. I’ve affected the left column to rock bottom for devices with terribly little screens to allow more room to the most article, and hopefully build it additional pleasant to scan.

In this tutorial, you may be making a two-column web site. this is often a preferred layout as a result of it’s each space-efficient and acquainted to net users. once your guests square measure aware of a layout, they’re going to realize it simple to use, since they’re going to apprehend wherever to search out things on your web content and shrewdness to navigate your web site. making a easy web site is incredibly vital, since it permits your guests to attain their goals on your Web Designer London.

1 Click “File | New…”.
If you may recall from what I aforementioned earlier, this implies to click “File” on the menu bar, followed by “New…” within the change posture menu that seems.

2 you may see a window with a title of “New Document”.
New Document window in Dreamweaver CS5.5 showing wherever to click

Dreamweaver CS5.5 Tutorial How to Design a Website with Dreamweaver CS 5.5 two column
Dreamweaver CS5.5 Tutorial How to Design a Website with Dreamweaver CS 5.5 two column

Make sure that “Blank Page” is chosen within the left column. If not, click it once to pick it. If you are not positive whether or not it’s elect or not, simply click it anyway.
3 Click “HTML” within the “Page Type” column (the second column from the left) once to pick it. (It is maybe already elect by default, however it’ll do no hurt to click it if you are not positive.)
4 within the “Layout” column (the third column from the left), click the road that says “2 column liquid, left sidebar, header and footer” once to pick it (see the image above). This action selects a 2 column layout for your web site.
5 rummage around for the sector “Layout CSS” within the right column. It’s close to the lowest of the window (see the image above). Click the change posture box for that field, and choose “Create New File”.This action causes Dreamweaver to avoid wasting all info governing the looks of your web site (called “CSS”) in an exceedingly separate file. Since the pages on your web site share a standard layout, locating the CSS in an exceedingly line avoids duplication of knowledge and reduces the number of space your web site desires. It additionally hastens the loading of your pages and reduces the information measure used ought to your users visit multiple pages of your Web Designers London.

6 Click the “Create” button situated close to the lowest of the window.

7 A window with the title “Save piece of paper File As” can seem. Click the “Save” button on the window.
Dreamweaver thought to currently show an internet page of containing some placeholder content for your modification of Web Design London or Web Designers London or Web Design agency London.