How to Design a Website with Dreamweaver CS 5.5

Dreamweaver CS5.5 may be a net editor (a style of pc program) meant for each newcomers yet as full-fledged professionals to style websites. it’s a visible interface, usually known as a “What You See Is What You Get” (“WYSIWYG”) interface, that helps you to see what your website appears like when you produce it. The editor sports varied options that ar meant to create your job of making and maintaining a web site easier and a lot of economical.

Overall Goals of This Tutorial Series

By the tip of this tutorial series, you’ll have created a completely useful web site with multiple pages, complete with a home page, a site map, a feedback kind, Associate in Nursingd an “About Us” page (and the other page you’ll wish to create). Your web site can have a professional-looking navigation menu with buttons that modification color (“color” if you utilize US English) as your mouse hovers over it, and your feedback kind can permit your guests to send you email directly from your web site.

More significantly, you’ll have noninheritable the abilities you would like in order that you’ll be able to style different new websites within the future.

Goal of This Chapter In this chapter

You’ll style a basic two-column website which will function your website’s main page, and place it on the net. you’ll be viewing that website in your applications programme at the completion of this chapter.

Please note that this is often primarily a sensible tutorial. to learn from it, you’ll got to truly do the items tutored as you browse. If you just sit back and skim the tutorial while not doing something, you’ll notice a number of the items mentioned here troublesome to know (not to say boring).

Requirements: stuff you can would like

Creating a website an internet site a web site involves over simply employing a web editor to style your website. There ar a number of preliminary steps that you just got to complete before you even start off Dreamweaver, like registering a website name and finding an internet host. If you are new making websites, i like to recommend that you just browse a way to begin / produce Your Own Website: The Beginner’s A-Z Guide before continued, otherwise you’ll find yourself confused as we have a tendency to proceed through this tutorial, since i’ll assume you have got done those two things. Explanations of the which means of a “domain name” and “web host” also are given therein article. don’t fret, you’ll be able to simply return to the present article once you’ve got finished reading the beginner’s guide. At the terribly minimum

you’ll would like the following


1 Dreamweaver CS5.5

Since this is often a Dreamweaver tutorial, you’ll after all would like the Dreamweaver CS5.5 package itself.

While Dreamweaver CS6, CS5.5 and CS5 ar virtually identical, there ar some variations between these and therefore the earlier CS4 and CS3. In general, you’ll need a better time learning the package if you browse the tutorial specifically written for the version you have got, since my descriptions and footage can match what you see on your pc.

Unfortunately, if you have got a version of Dreamweaver ahead of CS3, like Dreamweaver flux unit or eight, you’ll not be able to follow any of the on top of tutorials unless you upgrade, since they use options not gift in those early versions.

2 net Hosting Account

Somewhere midway through this chapter, you’ll be transferring your website to the net. For this to happen, you’ll got to have an internet host. In layman’s terms, an internet host is largely a corporation that has computers that ar for good connected to the net. These computers ar known as net servers, and that they run specialised package which will transmit your websites to anyone UN agency visits your web site. For your web site to be visible to others within the world, you’ll got to transfer your websites from your pc to your net host’s net server. In different words, you’ll got to get Associate in Nursing account at an internet host.

There are several net hosts around. If you do not have already got one, you’ll be able to notice one amongst these or there ar others offered yet within the market. the nice issue concerning them is that they use cpanel.

Note: if you are reading this as a result of your course lecturer/teacher has referred you to the present page, there is a probability that your university or college has already allotted some house on its own internet server to host your web site. In such a case, you are doing not ought to get an internet hosting account. verify from your lecturer or teacher.

Like I same, the on top of 2 area unit the minimum necessities. you ought to ideally get a site name too, alternative wise you may run into the issues i discussed in a number of my other articles, like Is it potential to make an internet site while not shopping for a site Name? The High worth of “Free”.

Setting Up Your web site in Dreamweaver’s website Manager

Before you style your online page, you would like to supply Dreamweaver with some basic data concerning your website.

1. Initiate Dreamweaver.

2. Once Dreamweaver starts up, it’ll most likely look one thing like what you see within the image below. it’ll not look specifically alike, since your pc monitor could also be larger than mine, and there could also be minor variations looking on whether or not you are running Windows seven, Vista, XP ,7,8 or macintosh OS X. (And the word “” can in fact not be there.)

How to Design a Website of Web Design London  with Dreamweaver CS 5.5
How to Design a Website of Web Design London with Dreamweaver CS 5.5

Adobe Dreamweaver CS5.5 once initial started up
You should be ready to spot a line of text close to the highest of the Dreamweaver window speech “File Edit read Insert Modify Format Commands web site Window Help”. (If your monitor is sufficiently big, this could be at the terribly high of the Dreamweaver window.) this is often the menu bar. If you were to maneuver your mouse over every of those words thereon bar, Dreamweaver  can highlight the word your mouse is hovering over, indicating that the word may be a clickable item. as an example, within the image on top of, I enraptured my mouse over the “Modify” menu, and Dreamweaver place an oblong define around that word. Clicking any word on this menu bar can cause a change posture menu to seem.

(Note: if you have got clicked one in all the words on the menu bar to experiment, and caused the change posture menu to seem, and currently wish to urge obviate it, simply click identical word you clicked earlier, and also the menu can disappear.)

We will be mistreatment this menu bar extensively within the course of this tutorial. The menu bar permits you to access several of Dreamweaver’s options.

3. Click the word “Site” on the menu bar. A change posture menu can seem. Click the road “New web site…” thereon menu.

Important: from this time onward, within the interest of brevity, I shall talk over with such a sequence of clicking things within the menu bar and within the change posture menus that seem as “Site | New web site…”. as an example, if I raise you to click “File | New…”, it implies that you’re to click the word “File” within the menu bar, followed by the road “New…” within the change posture menu that seems. (Please do not truly click “File | New…” at this point. It’s simply AN example.)

4. A window can seem. The window can most likely have a title like “Site Setup for anon. web site 2”. Don’t worry if it does not truly say “Unnamed web site 2”. If you have got experimented with Dreamweaver before reading this tutorial, it should say “Unnamed web site 3” or another larger variety, reckoning on the quantity of times you have truly invoked the positioning manager. Ignore the number; it’s extraneous. We’ll be dynamical the whole text “Unnamed web site 2” (or no matter it says on your screen) to the name of your Website Design  London.
There ought to be two fields within the window.
Replace the default name given within the “Site name” field with the name of your Web Design  London. Your web site name may be any name that you simply wish to convey the positioning. If you are stuck, simply place your name into that field. as an example, if your name is “”, sort that into the sphere.
The “Site name” Website Designers London field isn’t displayed on your web site in any approach. It’s simply an enclosed name utilized by Dreamweaver, chiefly to {create} it simple for you to tell apart between the various websites that you simply create. As such, you do not very ought to worry an excessive amount of concerning what you set here. Having aforementioned that, it is best to place one thing wise here rather than feat the default name there, otherwise, if you finally find yourself making, say, two hundred websites, you will have a headache attempting to work that one in all “Unnamed web site 2” to “Unnamed web site 201” is that the one you wish to update.

5. The “Local web site Folder” field refers to the placement on your laptop wherever Dreamweaver is to store your web site files.
By default, Dreamweaver suggests a folder in your Documents folder (at least on Windows; i am unsure concerning Macs). as an example, on my laptop, the urged folder is “c:\Users\Web Design Agency London\Documents\Website Designers London 2\”. Your default folder name can most likely additionally embody some dummy name like “Unnamed web site 2” (or another number). you’ll be able to click the folder icon next to the present field and choose a special location if you want.
I recommend that you simply a minimum of modification the default folder name from “Unnamed {site|Web Design London|Website Designers London 2” to identical name you set within the “Site name” in order that it’s easier for you within the future to recognise that folder belongs to that site. take care to vary solely the portion with the words “Unnamed web site 2” (or no matter variety you’re given) and not the preceding words thereon line (like “c:\Users\Web Design Agency London\Documents\”), otherwise you’ll accidentally place your folder in some obscure location on your laptop, and not be ready to notice it later.
If you discover the directions given within the on top of two paragraphs too difficult or stress-inducing as a result of you are not certain the way to carry it out, simply skip it. whereas it’s useful to vary the folder name to your site’s name for your future simple finding it, the profit gained is incredibly little, and not price obtaining stuck over.

6. once you are done dynamical the 2 fields on top of, click the “Save” button found close to very cheap of the “Site Setup” window. The window can disappear, and you will be came to the most Dreamweaver window. you are currently able to produce your initial web content.