Difference between UI and UX design

Learn the theory of UI and UX design. Human are most comfortable when they feel environment in control of themselves. The most important job of any interface is to be very careful about why they would use it and what will happen and when they use it. It is also use to make a best web design.


  • User interface (UI) is part of the user experience. It is the part of a website that user can view and use it like (Button, Image, illustration). UI is basically work close together with (UX) design.


  • User Experience design (UX) explore many other problems to solve a specific problem. It’s users with the most effective, efficient and enjoyable experience as possible. It is a combination of (text, graphics, layout and interactive elements).


Here is a simple example Imagine a human body the bones represents the code structure and organs represents the UX design and UI design represents the cosmetic of the body and reactions.