Difference in the GET and POST method?


The GET and POST methods work almost identically. The main difference is the method of transmitting information to the server. Many web developers uses POST method to secure their data from hackers.

Using the POST method:

The post method directs the web browser to send all the user information to the processing agent, through the message body of an HTTP request. This method has the capacity to transmit more information, because there is no physical limit on the amount of information passed through the body of HTTP request. The information sent by the POST method is not encrypted, As a result hackers / web developers can easily access it. In order to secure the information, it is necessary to establish a secure server connection.

Using the GET method:

The GET method directs the web browser to send the encoded user information appended at the end of the URL, to the processing agent. In this method, a question mark is added at the end of the URL. This question mark separates the URL and the form information.

Each input variable in a form has a NAME tag and a VALUE that is assigned to it by the user. The form data is a stream of NAME /VALUE pairs separated by an ampersand (&) sign. Each NAME/VALUE pair is URL encoded by the browser. Where spaces are replaced with the +sign