Directory and File Structuer in WordPress CMS

The source code features of WordPress has many different PHP core, CSS code, and JavaScript files. Every file serves a use for a specific purpose in WordPress CMS. The best thing of open source software is that all code is publicly available for web design agencies or web developer, that means you can easily explore the code to better understand how WordPress functions perform the functionality it means you can change the code on your way the mostly web agencies change these functions. The best approach for learning WordPress CMS is the WordPress software itself because in it evey code is available. Extracting the WordPress download you will see the set file structure for WordPress which is using in CMS, as shown in Figure below.

Directory and File Structuer in WordPress CMS for Web Design Company.File structure web design company
Directory and File Structuer in WordPress CMS for Web Design Company.File structure web design company

There are three directories by default in wordpress CMS folder the name as wp-content, wp-admin, and wp-includes. The Core files of wordpress are all files in the wp-admin directory and wp-includes directory and the majority of the files in the root WordPress directory (root directory meas the main folder of wordpress). The all custom files holds in wp-content directory, including plugins, media, and themes. This directory or folder contains the code that controls or handles the content presentation and manipulation in WordPress. The WordPress pages and posts, HTML Content is stored in the MySQL database along with metadata such as tag and category structures HTML content.

Modifying and updating any of the core WordPress files can result in an unstable or unbalanced website. An harmless but badly executed change to the login functions, Dashboard, for example will leave you with a WordPress installation that can’t be managed for web agencies. The Core changes in code also make it very difficult to because update WordPress made are overwritten all the changes when the updated version of WordPress is installed by you so you can’t update the version if you make these change in many files. As mentioned within the previous section, critical fixes to the WordPress core area unit solely created within the current branch, thus if you’re forced to update WordPress web design to select up a security fix, you’re aiming to need to re-integrate any core changes you’ve made and hope they don’t conflict with the changes you wish. Maintaining the integrity and stability of your WordPress installation over time is far easier once you’re not dynamic files in the core.

In general, the wp-admin, wp-includes, and root directory core WordPress files ought to never be edited, however following section covers some core root directory files which will be modified as a part of advanced configuration of wordpress CMS.