Don’t Hack the Core of Wordperess

When exploring the WordPress core file and code and using it as the reference is highly encouraged, this is not a hacking the core. Making any changes in to the core files of WordPress this is called hacking the core. The changes may be a simple as one line of code, a hack is a hack and doing so it cause major problems.

Why Not hack the core?

It is very difficult to update to the latest version of WordPress when Hacking the WordPress core. So Keep the WordPress current is an important step in overall website security. If any security accountability is discovered, then a patch is typically released very quickly in Wrdpress. The WordPress If you can’t update because you have modified the core files, then you are opening up the website to these security, and you have increased the chance that your website will be hacked.
When you hack the core it can also lead to an unstable and unreliable website that’s why because many parts of the WordPress depend on other parts of the wordpress expected. When you make the changes to those parts or those files, it may be destroy or break something completely that have you changed.
You should not hack the code because the security is another reason. Security expert keep an eye in the WordPress core in all over the world. After hacking the core, Your own expertise to make your hacks secure when you relay on your code. A hacker can exploit your code if you don’t understand the many different ways and you might end up the creating a security vulnerability within the core files of WordPress.
The important reason why you should never hack the core is benevolence: that is, empathy toward the developer who comes after you to maintain the website of Wordress. Most of the websites will change or update developers over the years so there is no insurance or guarantee that you will be working on a appropriate website four years from now. Think the developer that follows you trying to focus what core files were hacked to make the website function. It can be a dream for any developer and it puts the website owner in a bad position because the most of the developers will refuse to work on a hacked version of WordPress CMS. When you hack the core files then you are building or developing a dependencies that will either be confused or hidden, after the WordPress core is upgraded or update for this site then hacked core will break and overwrite on the hack code. Alternatives to Hacking the Core If any feature or functionality that you want to do in your web site and it is not exists in the WordPress it can be added or insert with a plugin. There is very easy to hack the core sometimes, but in the future it will create many hurdles for your website. The WordPress CMS is very extremely flexible for users; it has one of the major strengths, so the core should never be hacked. If the WordPress core and its intricacies fascinated you, then you should join the WordPress Developer Community or blog and share your fixing bugs and contributing to the core build of WordPress CSM.