eCommerce Website vs. Offline Business

Majority of the businesses are putting effort to come online. The main reason of this is to get more sales from those customers who never know that you exist in the market. They will come online and search products and services in search engine and more likely buy products/services from the top ten websites that has been listed by search engine. An eCommerce website helps your clients to buy products online and the who buying process is automated and does not require employees to get the payments from the clients.

An online eCommerce website doesn’t have limitations of the space and can show as many products as you have. Where as you need a large space and warehouse to showcase and store your products in an offline business. If you manage your online shop properly, it can increase your revenue by a large percentage.

An offline business has a big front with showcase to attract the customers who are passing by, where as an online eCommerce website doesn’t do the same, they have to market their business in the start and once some customers come in then they offer good products and value offers to make them regular customers.

You have to think about your e-commerce website the same as your physical store, you think about when you are shopping in other offline and online stores and find solutions for the difficulties that you face. You analyze your store, add new features, improve user experience and display products in such a way that the user can see the information what they are looking for and use a high call-to-action strategy.

Currently the most successful online store is They display their products in such a way that helps user to explore the website easily and buy products using simple steps. had 124 million customers on their online store in Feb 2010. is analyzing their data and with the help of this data they improve user experience, remove user frustration and increase sales.