Enabling Debug Information of wordpress

During the locally development of site, you want to know all errors and as many warnings as possible. At least, you need to be aware of them about all the errors and warnings. So for development the site, you should set and fix your PHP error condition as soon as possible to show these errors to you so that you can attend to them or you can manage of them. On your production server or where you are going to launch you product, you want to hide all the errors from your visitors and this is not good for your product as well as your visitors. On your local Server or local workstation, itself you are the visitor and you are the developer, so you can handle all the errors and functionalities which are not working properly.
The PHP error level in the php.ini file has set. With WAMP the server, you can access this file through the WAMP control panel it is under the PHP flyout and it set your error reporting directive to be E_ALL and E_STRICT, as shown in Figure below.

Enabling Debug Information of wordpress for Web Design Agency London.
Enabling Debug Information of wordpress for Web Design Agency London.


Before the PHP version 5.4, the notices and strict warnings have not been included in the E_ALL level. As setting the error reporting directive as mentioned, So you will confirm that you are seeing the most error reporting possible and coding to reduce these notices will ensure that you are providing the most PHP interoperability. So you will need to restart Apache to make this setting take effect again. As previously we have mentioned, when you developing on one operating system and deploying on another server, you should to know that all systems have not the same PHP API. As, the PHP $_SERVER[] has values on Windows machines that are not on Linux machines. You should to know Windows is not case sensitive in the file system, but Linux is case sensitive in the file system so the Web Designer London very conscious about it. So Developers have to remember and know that the target system may not be their development system. Because you want the staging server to match the production server, that’s why your discrepancies can be caught before being deployed.

During the developing locally, enable WordPress debugging. Similar for PHP error reporting allows the developer to see and address WordPress issues that are coming during the development. So, this should always be disabled on production websites. You should Enable WordPress debugging by editing your wp-config.php file and setting WP_DEBUG to true as shown in Figure below. As not the previous Apache and PHP settings, this were global to all sites on your workstation or development station, this setting is per WordPress installation on your workstation.