We are discussing Photoshop CS6 colour replacement tool through which you can change colour of any object or sample with the help of this tool. Nowadays web design agency using these tool to make their work easier and faster than ever. Through this tool you can make best web designs.

There are some steps through which you can learn how to use colour replacement tool.


Step 1:-

Go to file at the top menu bar and open any image as I choose in below step 2.



Step 2:-

After opening image make sure your layer is not locked if its lock so unlock it first then click on image and select its layer.




Step 3:-

At the top menu click on image –> Adjustments –> replace colour.

open colour replacement


Step 4:-

Now select colour picker and click on your image surface to select image mask as u can see image mask in white below.

select colour picker


Step 5:-

After selecting image colour with picker your image mask appears like this..

your car mask appear


Step 6:-

Now change hue to change colour of image or you can use saturation as well and can change the lightness and darkness of image using colour replacement tool.

after changing colo  hue


As you can see output after using Colour replacement tool…


Before after