How to Make Your Own Pattern in Illustrator

We can make our own designed patterns in Illustrator and use them anywhere we want in our website design even in our website logo. It’s really useful for bespoke web design.


Here I have made some patterns to use in my web design logo and it’s really helpful to complete your task in few minutes.

We will apply pattern on our text. Follow these steps to create your own pattern in Illustrator.

Step 1:

Create new page and write some text on it. We’ll need bold text and a bit large so we can easily see how our pattern is applying. Like this


Step 2:
Now we have to create our text Outline. Select your text right-click it and click Create Outlines. It will convert your plan text in to outlines means you have ungroup your text and you can select every single letter individually and apply pattern on it.

Step 3:

Now on the same page start making pattern anywhere and then select them all and group them then go to Object – Pattern – Make. Here you can choose your pattern type height width and everything else. Then simply click on Done button at the top of your page.


Step 4:


Now we have created our pattern you can find your pattern in your pattern panel simply select your letter or full text and then click on your pattern which you have just made, Here we go you have created your own personal pattern.