How to use Abode Photoshop Burn tool —Tutorial—

Photoshop is a choice of millions graphic and web design companies across the world. It can perform wide range of tasks such as photo editing, graphic designing, illustration, 3d effects and animation and much more.Today we are discussing the “Burn tool” it is used to selectively darken the area of specific image with Shadows, Midtones and Highlight effects.

You can burn any image using these simple 5 steps:-


Step 1 :-

Go to file menu and click open as u can see below …



Step 2:-

Select your specific image and open it ..

select image












Step 3:-

Now on the left sidebar you can see the burn tool select it..



Step 4:-

After selecting burn tool you can see the adjustment of burn tool adjust the brush size as your requirement and below size bar Hardness shows the opacity of burn tool now here is your tool ready to use..

select radius and size


Step 5:-

You can see the clear effect after using burn tool…

before after