Inside wp-content directory in wordpress

In wordpress root directory then wp-content directory this directory stores just about every file for customizing or changes WordPress CMS. So In this directory stores your themes, plugins, and additional files to extend WordPress in any way imaginable or extend the wordpress functionality.

In wp-content directory ro folder has only a single PHP file which is the name is index.php.This files has content which is showing below:


// Silence is golden.

Now what’s the mean of this file is here? So keep in your mind this is a very important file of wordpress. This index.php file blocks every user from viewing or seeing in this derictory that what is in wp-contents folder. If this index.php file didn’t exist or located at this place and your web server allowed directory listings or can allow to see the listing of folders, so after visit this url would display all of the files that are in this folders or in this directory. This is very help full for hackers who can access easily to key files that might help exploit or damage your website; lest suppose if a it damage were discovered in a plugin after being able to view the list of directories or folders which are in the WordPress plugin directory it would quickly and easily inform an attacker or hackers if your site was a targeted.

Remember when you do manually updating in WordPress, then make sure you avoid overwriting your wp-content directory because this is very harmful for you.

Plugins directory in wordpress

In wp-content directory Plugins are stored the path is wp-content/plugins. The plugin may be multiple files inside of a folder ro may be a single file. Every files inside the /plugins directory or folder are scanned by WordPress to check if the file is a properly and exactly formatted as WordPress plugin. If the file is determined that this is a plugin, it show under the Plugins ➪ Installed Plugins SubPanel on the right hand side menue your of admin panel dashboard.

NOTE: Should to Remember that to automatically deactivate a plugin and you can remove it from your /plugins folder also. If an active or running plugin’s files are missing or removed, WordPress trying to render your website  before deactivates the plugin.

In Your wp-content directory or folder can be also include a /mu-plugins directory. So Must-use (mu) plugins are plugins that are automatically enabled in the WordPress CMS. So any Plugins that exist in this folder that will be executed just like a standard activated plugin in you site. The major difference of the mu-plugins is they cannot exist in the subdirectory and they will never be ignored. To learn more about the mu-plugins then visit http://codex other article will be detailed discussed.

Themes directory in wordpress

Themes are also stored in the wp-content/themes directory it contain all the themes exists in your site. Every theme must contain in its own subdirectory and must also contain a proper template files for the WordPress that is recognize that it as a usable theme or not. At least, a style.php and an index.php file must exist in the theme directory with the proper tagging. It will display under the Appearance ➪Themes SubPanel on your right side admin panel dashboard. The WordPress CMS can store themes as you want to store or in this directory as your server allows or server permits you. This is very simple to view or a preview of any theme that you want you may activate a new theme, under the Appearance ➪Themes SubPanel on your right side admin panel dashboard.We will discuss this topic in detail other article.

Uploads and Media Directory roll in wordpress

The uploaded media is stores in the wp-content/uploads folder by the wordpress. This Folder does not exist in after the default installation of WordPress. This /uploads is created the first time when you successfully upload a file to WordPress it may be image or video.

The WordPress by default stores the uploads in month- and year-based folders formate. So your uploaded image or any file would be stored like this:


So before you can upload any files or images in WordPress CMS, then you need to set the /wp-content directory to be writable and When you upload your first image or first file, WordPress auto-creates the /uploads Directory or folder and any needed subdirectories it auto generated. After the successfully uploaded your first image or file, the /wp-content permissions or allow to not be writable or any changes it typically 755. Now there is no way to import images or files uploaded via FTP into the WordPress CMS Media Library. After making the uploads directory writeable is not an option of it there are many plugins available for example NextGen Gallery.WordPress Multisite stores the upload media files in a different ways.

Upgrade Directory in WordPress

In wordpress the wp-content/upgrade directory is automatically created when you use the automatic update process in wordpress. This folder is used by WordPress that is use to store the new version of WordPress and it is downloaded from the wordpress site. So extracted in this folder before to the update this. And this folder should be remaining untouched for the automatic update to process successfully has done. If this directory is deleted or removes by you, WordPress re-creates it the next time when you run the auto-updater for wordpress.

Custom Directories roll in WordPress for Website Designer London

In wordpress some plugins that require a lot of custom files and this files store in a directory in your wp-content folders. In wordpress the Super Cache plugin ( it creates a /wp-content/cache directory or folder to store all of the cached pages that is created for your website. So a cached page is simply a fully generated page on your website saved as a static HTML file in the /wp-content/cache directory. Instead of that generating the page each time and a user clicks one of your links again and again, so the cache plugin serves up the static HTML file to the visitor or site users. This process decreases WordPress load times and increases performance or the site because pages the Super Cache plugin also adds two files to your wp-content directory for improve the performance of a site: so wp-cache-config.php and advanced-cache.php both of these two files are required for Super Cache to function correctly and improve its performance .

After the activation of Super Cache, then it tries to create these two files first. If it fails to create these files, a notice appears alerting you by this. This file can be manually moved to the wp-content directory and these files exist in the Super Cache plugin directory.

Image gallery plugin, NextGen Gallery is the most popular plugin for image gallery this plugin mostly used by the web design company london ( plugins/nextgen-gallery/) so this plugin creates a /wp-content/gallery directory or folder to store or save all of the imagesuploaded by you to NextGen image galleries. Every images gallery created is a subdirectory under /gallery folder. It helps to keep your gallery image files very organized way and easy to work with it and you can also get required file easily.