Intersecting the Community WordPress

WordPress thrives and grows supported community contributions additionally to sheer usage. Like high school gymnasium category, participation is that the name of the game, and a number of other semi-formal avenues on which to channel your efforts and energies area unit obtainable.

WordCamp events area for wordpress web Design unit community-hosted and regionally operated, and currently happen in dozens of cities round the world. Official WordCamps area unit listed on, However you’ll do exactly as well to look for a WordCamp event in an exceedingly major town near you. WordCamps occur nearly each weekend with bloggers, photographers, writers, editors, developers, and web designers, web design agencies, of all expertise and skill levels counted among their attendees. WordCamps area unit a inexpensive introduction to the native community and infrequently a decent chance to satisfy WordPress celebrities. Visit to find the next WordCamp. Less structured however additional convened than WordCamps area unit WordPress Meetups, comprising local users and developers and web designers in nearly 200. A rich, multi-language documentation repository is hosted at The WordPress Codex, with all due respect to the term reserved for ancient written manuscripts, represents the community-contributed tips and tricks for each side of WordPress, from installation to debugging. If you are feeling the urge to contribute to the WordPress documentation, register and so write to your heart’s content in the WordPress Codex.

Hope fully you’ll find this in this article cross between a companion and a travel guide to the Codex. Finally, mailing lists (and their archives) exist for varied WordPress contributors, communities and wordpress development agencies.

A current roll is offered on-line at Mailing_Lists, of specific interest
Could be the wordpress documents  list for Codex contributors and therefore the wordpresss-hackers list for those that work on the
WordPress core and steer its future directions.