The .maintenance File tutorial of WordPress

The WordPress CMS has a built-in maintenance mode for web design agencies London or web developer of the wordpress that can be enabled by the .maintenance file. The.maintenance file is used by WordPress CMS during the auto-update process of wordpress. So the prevents visitors of site from seeing any error messages as WordPress CMS core files are updated so Website Designer London can understand it. For test this feature or function, simply create or generate a new .maintenance file in the wordpress CMS and add the following line of code you may write in note pad but remember save it .maintenance format:

<?php $upgrading = time(); ?>

 Add or insert this file to your WordPress root directory or main folder of wordpress and now your websiteis in maintenance mode or working mode and this file is commonly used by website design London. So this locks down your website or it is a lock of your site for all visitors and users displays a maintenance message will be display and this message can be custom or by default and time() function can be replaced or changed with any UNIX-formatted timestamp. So you may set a custom maintenance page by creating or generating a maintenance.php file and placing it in your wp-content directory which is located in wordpress main folder. Now WordPress uses this file to display during any maintenance periods that you set in your code. Now this file allows or permits you to create a custom maintenance notice or message to your website visitors and users.

Maintenance file is also used by the WordPress by automatic update process of wordpress CMS. A .maintenance file is commonly created right before the installation of WordPress the new core files during an update the Worpress and this ensures there are never any error messages or alerts for your visitors during the prcess of this file.