How to sort data in a table

Sorting Data


If there is a table of employees records that needs to be sorted out alphabetically or in ascending or descending order, then use the sort table option of Dreamweaver


Step by step instruction to sort a table:


Select command Sort Table. (Then the sort table dialogue box appear.)


Sort By:

This determines which column values will be used to sort the table row.



Specifies that how to sort the column alphabetically or numerically and ascending or descending.


Then By/Order:

This option is used to sort multiple columns.


Sort includes the first row:

Specifies that the first row of the table should be included in the sort. If your first row is a heading that should not be moved. Then it remains UN selected.


Sort header rows:

Sort all the rows in thead ( <thead>) section (if any) using the same criteria as the body rows.


Make row colour same after sorting:

Specifies that table row attributes (such as colour, font etc.) should remain associated with the same content after the sort. If the table row are formatted with two alternating colour, leave this option unselected to ensure that the sort table still has alternating-colour rows. If the row attribute are specifies to the content of each row. Now select this option to make sure that attributes remain associated with the correct rows in the sort tab. you can also give the best web design to a table.


Click OK or APPLY. The data in the table will be sorted as per the settings in the sort table dialog box.