Using For loop in Java language

The “For loop” is used to run statement multiple times through a single line code by giving condition in it. For loop start from an initialization point and run until your condition get false. In website development programming Loops are very useful and it save a lot of time.
Following are the “For Loop statement” that define loop are as following:-

for( initialization; termination; increment ) {

What is initializing Expression?
The initializing expression gives an initialize point to loop from where to begin.

What is termination Expression?
Termination expression is used to define an ending point For loop from where statement get false and terminate the loop.

What is increment Expression?
The increment is used to acceptable for increment and decrement in value.
As you see below the example of For loop in java:

class Example {
public static void main(String[] args)
for(int a=1; a<11; a++){
System.out.println(“I am number is: ” + a);

The output of this program is:

I am number: 1
I am number: 2
I am number: 3
I am number: 4
I am number: 5
I am number: 6
I am number: 7
I am number: 8
I am number: 9
I am number: 10