Why You Should Design for Open Source

Most of the web designers don’t like doing nothing. We are really against this and we don’t recommend to always do projects that are being paid. That’s what the web designer should do as a professional designer in the programming sector to provide web design service. It depends on the skill level of a website designer that how much the designer can contribute to the community.

However, I’m going to tell you that why you should consider designing for open source. Now here I mentioned that not all open source work is free work. Many companies hire web designers and developers to work on their projects for full-time or part-time usually because that project is used by free-lancer or given by a client to complete the website requirements. There are other companies that encourage open source contribution and even offer 20%-time for these projects (where you can spend one day to contributing to open source. These are super rad situations to be in. However, whether you’re able to land a gig doing this type of work, or you’ve decided to volunteer your time and energy, designing for open source can be rewarding in many other ways.

Designers know that photographs, artwork, modelling and animation tools and other resources usually cost lots of money. Often, that money is not available for a job that has a deadline tomorrow. No need to freak out, as more sites have come on board to offer open source help.