Working with Dreamweaver Design view and Code view

Design view:

The design view is a design environment for editing website designs. In this view, Dreamweaver displays an editable and visual representation of the document and it is similar as viewing on web browser. To switch to design view, select view and then Design or click the design button from the document toolbar. It makes the web designing effective and easier.

Code view:

Code view is a hand coding environment for writing and editing JavaScript, HTML and server language code – such as PHP or ColdFusion mark-up language (CFML) and any other kind of code. To switch to code view, select view à Code or click button from the document tab.

Code and Design view:

Code and Design view display both code and design for the same document in a single window. For this select view à code and design or click the à split button from the document toolbar. As u can see in below image Dreamweaver provides web design services for user interface.

working with design view